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Hi! I’m Mark at Lewisburg First United Methodist Church.  It’s so enriching to be part of a vital and loving community of faith.  One of the important intentions of our church is to provide a spiritual home for everyone who chooses to worship God, experience Christian fellowship and serve Christ in the world through our congregation.  We move beyond religion to relationships, beyond fear to faith, beyond discouragement to hope, and beyond obligatory duty to love and joy.  Only God’s Spirit can bring a genuine sense of Christian fellowship but we can help set the arena for it to be experience by choosing to come together and channel God’s grace, acceptance, compassion and love to each other.  God is present and praised in our gatherings for worship.  God is experienced in our small group gatherings where participants support each other in life and spiritual formation.  God in Christ is present when we serve those of our community and local church who look to us for support, comfort and help in facing some of the harsh realities of life.  We at Lewisburg First UMC believe it is part of our role and function in the world to channel God’s grace, compassion, mercy and lovingkindness through us to each other and to others in our community.  As United Methodist Christians we center our lives, relationships, message and outreach in the grace and love of God in Christ!  We are a grace filled and welcoming community of faith.


I invite you to come and worship with us on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. We work weekly to present positive and encouraging messages and services of worship that are uplifting and spiritually formational.  I invite you, also, to listen on weekdays at 7:58 a.m. on Radio WJJM-FM 94.3 to Food for the Soul. These two minute devotionals are designed to present the positive and encouraging message of our faith and church to the larger community.


Grace, peace and love,   Mark

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